scrappy pillow

I love those creative moments when you can just feel the light going on in your head. Why didn't I think of this oh-so-simple idea before?! Or maybe it's not a matter of thinking of the idea, but being inspired--and having the time and energy--to actually engage.

I had one of those moments about the bag-full of scraps I had sewn together into random-length strips months and months ago -- a pillow!

I enjoyed getting lost in these fabrics for an afternoon. I just 'cut and paste' the strips together in a log cabin-like circle until it fit over the extra pillow form I had kickin' around.

The back is made up of two overlapping panels of light-weight denim.

I recently saved Andy from the thrift shop. He may be Raggedy, but I was super stoked to find him in such great shape. Ever wonder why those swiggly lines are beneath his eyes?



I know I gave you this link for reusable sandwich wraps, but now I have to give this one too -- reusable snack baggies! How sweet are they?! I might have to make up a couple of these for the emergency trail mix I tote around.

And if we're on the subject of lunch, here's a cute lunchbag.


babes in space

I love this rocket fabric -- there's even a boy in a bubble!

Makes for a great flannel-backed blanket for the babe.


canning jam among boxes

Although my freezer is full of berries, I kind of missed the boat on strawberry season this year. But a few weeks ago, in the middle of our move, the farmers' market had the last of the local strawberries and I snatched up a few pounds. The taste of summer is in these two small batches of jam -- one batch of just strawberry and one of strawberry and rhubarb.