magic ribbon stick

dowel + ribbons + duct tape = 1 magic stick and 1 happy kid


proscuitto + egg + baguette

I'm slowly surfacing after my babymoon. So much so that we had some good friends over for brunch last weekend and I made something new! 

It was all very exciting, coming from the land of frozen soup and frozen mac 'n cheese

These eggy baguettes from a recent Martha Stewart mag are pretty tasty. My only complaint is that they are a tad awkward to eat, but that's a small price to pay for such a union of delicious ingredients. Proscuitto, lemon, parsley, parmesan, baguette, and egg. What's not to like? Especially since they are darn simple to make. 

Just add fruit salad, yogurt, and a strong cup of tea to help you forget the hours you were awake with the baby the night before.