summer dresses

Nesting. That's what's happening 'round these parts these days. 

For me, nesting includes plenty of sewing. And I'm happy to report that my list of items 'to sew before baby' is all crossed off!  I'll spare you the pictures of bassinet sheets and burp cloths, and instead share the specs for a couple of toddler summer dresses.

First, the one I loooove:

Using some Japanese fabric I've been hoarding for a while now, I made a 'pillowcase' dress, using this pattern, but the yoke from this pattern (which I've used before).  I'm such a newbie to garment sewing, even the simplest construction techniques are new to me. Like this was the first time I've used single-fold bias tape to shape and finish arm holes -- a trick I'm sure I'll use again.

And in a distant second place:

I love this green paisley fabric, but the resulting dress is a bit more 'pajama' than I expected. I used this peasant dress tutorial, just shortened the sleeves. I thought this would be the easier of the two dresses, but all that elastic casing was a bit fiddly.

Ok, enough sewing talk for a while.  I just made some tasty new scones so I'll hook you up with the recipe soon. 



I think I may have to wait 'til next year to make mini pinatas for Cinco de Mayo.

Super cool, eh? Check out her whole pinata series -- she's also done an alligator and jumbo numbers.


a quilt for the interim

A few years ago, I started making a beautiful yellow, gray and white summer quilt. It has, however, languished in my WIP box ever since my kid was born. I simply can't find the time or energy to get back into the piecing that was so fun at the time.

Meanwhile, every summer, Jeff and I make do with no summer quilt. Last summer I think we ended up layering flannel sheets, mostly because I refuse to go buy something when I know I can make one. Heck, I've got one half-made under the bed already!

Enter our 'in the interim' quilt. Until I get back to making my real summer quilt, the that requires math and concentration, we'll be using this rainbow quilt. Or rather, we'll be using these cut up old sheets with a strip of rainbow across the top and a pick-from-the-colours-they-have store-bought bias tape for binding.  Nothing fancy, but light, summery, and happy nonetheless.

And it's finished before both the baby and this year's hot weather arrive, which makes me happier still.


crayon roll

I swear, most of the projects I make for kids are basically attempts to recreate things I would have loved as a kid. Crayons that each have their own pocket in a colourful roll-up travel case? I would have been over the moon.

Here's the tutorial I used. Pretty simple stuff. A simplified version of my knitting needle case.

I love this version, where each crayon has its own colour-coordinated pocket. But since these are for toddlers, that level of organization seemed like overkill.


sweater with juniper buttons

Now the baby can come. His/her little sweater is finished. 

*pattern here