a quilt for the interim

A few years ago, I started making a beautiful yellow, gray and white summer quilt. It has, however, languished in my WIP box ever since my kid was born. I simply can't find the time or energy to get back into the piecing that was so fun at the time.

Meanwhile, every summer, Jeff and I make do with no summer quilt. Last summer I think we ended up layering flannel sheets, mostly because I refuse to go buy something when I know I can make one. Heck, I've got one half-made under the bed already!

Enter our 'in the interim' quilt. Until I get back to making my real summer quilt, the that requires math and concentration, we'll be using this rainbow quilt. Or rather, we'll be using these cut up old sheets with a strip of rainbow across the top and a pick-from-the-colours-they-have store-bought bias tape for binding.  Nothing fancy, but light, summery, and happy nonetheless.

And it's finished before both the baby and this year's hot weather arrive, which makes me happier still.

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jimalee said...

I love this! J.