nifty marble magnets

I'm on the bandwagon (or is it off the bandwagon?). I can see how one could get addicted to making marble magnets -- it's pretty fun.

I used silicone sealer, 3/4" magnets, marbles (the ones with one flat side) from the floral aisle of Michael's, and toothpicks. For the pictures, I cut up some stock photo mags I have kickin' around -- I'll try using real photos next time. Not martha has written up some stellar instructions, but I'll still include a few picts of my process...

spreading the glue on the magnet to affix the picture

putting a pea-size dollop of glue in the center of the picture

pushing the marble down on top of the glue

securing the marble where I want it to be (the glue spreads out to the edges and fills any cracks and gaps of the marble's surface--pretty nifty)

ta-da! a side view of the finished magnet

A finished set, snug in an ol' Altoids tin

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