gone packin'

Even more berries are in the freezer now -- this week I brought home raspberries and blackberries from the farmers' market. And 4 pounds of Okanagan cherries are now six 1/2-pints of canned cherries. (I love canned cherries and toast when I'm illin' in flu season.)

But you'll just have to take my word for it since we packed away my camera cord already. Oops.

Not much cooking worth mentioning is happening during the week these days -- we're just using up odds and ends. Beans on toast, anyone?

I may disappear for a couple weeks while we move and settle. By then, I should have crafty things for show and tell.

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Glenda said...

Hey now, don't be mocking the beans on toasts! :)

Just don't forget to clear out the freezer when you move! I seem to recall leaving behind a freezer full of stuff when we left the 10th Avenue place! :)

good luck with the move!