cozy chenille for sofa bed

I actually finished this chenille throw a couple of weeks ago. There's not much time for sewing or creative cooking these days, because we're in the throws of home renovations. We're ripping out the 15-year old white carpet (yuck!) that came with our new place and putting down laminate -- it's looking and feeling great, but it's kind of chaotic around here and will be for the next couple of weeks... at which point we'll start painting. =)

When we moved, we got a cool sofa bed for Jeff's study/our den/to-be baby's room, but it needed more than a patchwork pillow. This throw will be perfect for when we need a corner to curl up in, but also it doubles as a coverlet for when the sofa is disguised as a bed. It kind of bugs me that it's not quite long enough to be a proper quilt, but I'm hoping no one really notices. I love the warmth of it -- the chenille and cotton combo is a great weight.

This is the first time I used such big pieces of fabric for my quilt top -- it came together so quickly!

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Ada said...

Too cute! Can I come over and take a nap under that softie?