holiday soap

Now that the gifts have been opened, it's time for show and tell!

I wasn't super productive this year in the gift department (I was quite happy to let baby items kind of dominate the crafting around here this year), but lots of folks on our list received my first effort at handmade glycerin soap. Let me tell you, this was one crafty project that was so much fun, I think it might become an annual event.

This year's concoctions included earl gray, lemon rooibos and poppy seeds, cinnamon and clove, mint and chamomile, and oatmeal honey. Super fun!

I followed the instructions from Martha's holiday edition on handmade gifts from a year or two ago, but the process is very simple. It involves melting down the glycerin (found at craft or art supply stores), then adding stuff straight out of the cupboard -- teas, spices, honey, etc -- then pouring them into molds (yogurt containers work great, no need to use vaseline like most instructions say to do) and finally letting them cool for an hour or so.

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