choose-your-own-adventure cooking

At the risk of overstating my enthusiasm... Jackpot! Eureka! Here's a choose-your-own adventure recipe for awesome couscous or orzo.

This is my friend Kim's trick for turning plain couscous into a yummy side dish and since she's told me about it, we've been enjoying many variations on the theme. Through extensive experimentation I can vouch that orzo works well too (just add a bit of olive oil to the mix.)

The recipe? Cook couscous or orzo, then add something green (fresh parsley, cilantro or mint), some toasted nuts (favs being pecans, almonds or pine nuts), the zest and some juice of something citrusy (preferably lemon, but lime or orange will do), and some dried fruit (may I suggest apricots or currants?)

And if you want to go the extra mile, try adding sauteed celery, onion, or some plain chickpeas. Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...

Reckon you could do it with quinoa too.

Ada said...

Okay, that's just too fun! b

Tiffany said...

Oh, good call on the quinoa -- I'll have to try that.