bunny butter

I am feeling very appreciative for our good friends who thought of every detail for our easter brunch together -- from egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers to individual maple syrups, from bunny toothpicks to bunny butter. Oh, and amazing food!

- the menu -
* breakfast breads, including two kinds of rugelach, hot cross buns, and spinach-stuffed bagel
* fruit salad, yogurt, and granola
* scrambled eggs, served with sour cream and chives, four kinds of bacon and sausage (can there be too much of a good thing?!) french toast, and marinated tomato and cheddar skewers.

For place-settings, she had us draw plastic eggs out of a basket. The four eggs contained a mini fuzzy chick, mini rubber ducky, mini bunny candle, and chocolate eggs, respectively, and we sat at the corresponding decorated place-cards. Fun!

Yes, that is butter and cheese in the shape of bunnies. My friend gets creative with her cookie cutters.

The granola (recipe here) was my small contribution -- individual bags decorated with "bird seed" and "rabbit food" tags.

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