kitchen towelettes

I had one of those 'duh' moments the other day. Why do I buy paper towels? I could make my own!

And so, a metre of 50:50 cotton/linen ended up as more than a dozen small towels. I've been happily grabbing them whenever I need a quick wipe, each time thinking, why didn't I do this before?

I won't say 'epiphany' because that's, of course, way too strong of a word for something involving paper towels. But seriously, why can't simple ideas for improvement hit you before you've spent years doing things one way, all the while wasting resources and money?

Well, anyway, I probably won't go so far as to use my cute kitchen towelettes on raw meat, but I can't imagine needing to buy paper towels hardly at all any more -- and that's good news for forests and landfills. Bonus.

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Ada said...

Not just any old towels...cute ones! Great idea, and they look like a cinch to whip out on your machine too.