for the record

1 bucket strawberries = 5 half-pints jam

3 bags fresh peaches = 11 pints preserved peaches

25 pounds tomatoes = 9 quarts stewed tomatoes

30 pounds apples = 6 pints cinnamony-sugary chunky applesauce for me + what looks to be a lifetime supply of applesauce for the baby

2 bags ripe pears = 10 pints pearsauce


Glenda said...

Wow, are you sure you have space to store all those preserves? I think maybe you should bring a few over here, and we'll help you eat.. wait, no, I mean store them! :)

Adub said...

And all of it together=YUuuMMM! You don't mess around in the kitchen. That is some lovely preservation you've got going there.