the moon looks like a shortbread cookie

I'll be up late. I'm making the crowd-pleasing lemon shortbread cookies for tomorrow's party.

I made them before with poppy seeds, but this time I had to forgo the little guys. Did you know poppy seeds go rancid? A quick google search informs me that poppy seeds, in fact, go bad very quickly. Oh well.

I mean, I'll miss their aesthetic appeal, but who can taste a poppy seed anyway?

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sleepzzz said...

I should probably be leaving more comments considering I check your blog daily. I hope you make these "moon balls" in our kitchen when you come out (while Roma rummages ever so adorably in the cupboard and Jeff and I are tracking wolves on snowshoes). And we'll be sure to get some fresh poppy seeds. They're so fun to chew, even if they lack taste.