pintos galore

Quadruple the beans, people!

In a little experiment, I bought some dry pinto beans. I paid what I would have for one can of beans. But after just a bit of soaking (I only ever soak for an hour or two -- anyone know why they recommend overnight?) and boiling for about an hour, I have a potful of beans. That's one pot full! What's that, like the same as four or five cans? But I don't have any BPA-lined cans to show for it, and I'm only out two bucks!

Now I can make chili, try my hand at refried beans, and still put lots in the freezer.

No doubt, more time is required than using a can-opener. But it all can happen before noon and in my book, that's worth repeating in a smug voice. 'This all happened before noon.'


sleepzzz said...

Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

Anonymous said...

You go girl!