spring fling

Feeling bright blue? Or perhaps orange?

That's the choice with this sweet little reversible top. (free pattern from Prudent Baby)

Funny story. One exactly like it -- or rather exactly like it except for the size of the neck hole -- is sitting in the whatamIgoingtodowithyou pile. Yep, I made the whole thing, was just about to put on the bias tape, thought to try it on for size... and I couldn't get it over my kid's head! (Anyone else have scenes of So I Married an Axe Murderer in their head right now?)

In my kid's defense, it's not as if I measured anything when I 'followed' the pattern.

But my second attempt fits great. I'm thinkin' of making a third, but with oilcloth on one side for a wee artist's smock.

* mosiac maker c/o bighugelabs

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