spaghetti and swiss chard

Looking for what to do with swiss chard? We're kind of stuck in a rut with the leafy green, though it is a lovely, tasty little rut.

We either saute it up a la Simply Recipes or make this spaghetti and swiss chard with garlic chips from Gourmet. The flavour combo of salty feta, sweet currants, bitter chard, and toasted garlic is unique and oh-so delicious. It's a fabulous way to enjoy our farmer's market chard.

Head over to Gourmet for the recipe. (sigh, I miss Gourmet magazine.)

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Ada said...

Oh yes. We've got company this weekend and I've been wondering what to cook. This looks like it's got potential on so many levels. I can always count on dependable inspiration when I trespass on the housewifery territory.