this little piggy

Introducing our new bouncing pigs!

Squeals of delight (sorry, puns can't be helped) confirm that these are good for Daddy-O's Juggling Act.


Ada said...

Oh my gosh, these are so darling! I would like to see that act, and the audience approval too.

Pamela said...

So cute!

jimalee said...

I am making these pigs and giving "Perfect, the Flying Pig" to two of my granddaughters to go with the pigs. They are so much fun to make. I'm making wings for one in each set to distinguish Perfect.

You should know how many knitting projects and recipes and so on I get from you! When you meet my daughter, Mary, you may recognize a few things of hers! I LOVE your blog! Keep it up, please!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for all the love, you guys!

Jimalee, That's awesome! I *love* the idea of giving the pigs along with that book. I like those sorts of gifts -- a book and handmade goodie. I have one such gift waiting to be given away, but I can't share just yet. Thanks so much for stopping by. To quote my grandma, I'm 'tickled pink' you enjoy my blog. Also, I am excited to meet any kid of yours! We'll have to figure out a meeting with Mary et al soon.