little gorilla

There is a great children's book called Little Gorilla about a lovable gorilla that gets big and has a birthday.

This little guy was given along with that book to a big, lovable one-year old.

Even though the birthday is in December, I finished this softie back in June (hence the blooming pansies). The pattern (from one of my favourite knitting books; ravelry details here) uses skinny sock yarn, but the size makes him a surprisingly quick knit.

Does it look like a gorilla to you? Maybe I should've stuffed his shoulders more.


Anonymous said...

No. Not too gorilla'ish.

Maybe his face is too white?

jimalee said...

I love your gorilla! I love this book. I've made some surprises myself using the book, and intend to continue, inspired by YOU!

Tiffany said...

Aww. Thanks, Jimalee!

Hey are you on ravelry? Look me up! I want to see what you're working on.