slow knitting

I've got a few knitting projects on the go in anticipation of keeping my idle hands busy while my newborn sleeps quietly in the next room and my toddler quietly plays by herself... 


I don't have a deadline for any of these projects precisely because it may take me a year (or more) to complete any of them. Oh I suppose it'd be nice if the vest fit my kid this fall, but it's coming out so large that I think I've bought myself an extra year without meaning to. 

a soft, soft alpaca cowl for me

a plum vest for the toddler (made before, but this time I'll try some mods)

and an orange and white chevron blanket, stroller-sized

And yes, for those of you keeping track, I'm still pregnant. I've become walking proof of statistical outliers. 


Anonymous said...

Wait - when was the baby due? How much of an outlier are you?

Why didn't they induce you?

Glenda said...

4 more days, and then they can induce, right? So much for my dream that you'd have the baby 3 weeks early - I've definitely lost the baby pool! :)

mellon said...

If it makes you feel any better, *I* always go late, and my SISTERS go a month early.