for the record - 2012

Getting my annual canning accomplished this year was definitely a team effort. Jeff played zone defense with the kids while I was in the kitchen. Buying, cleaning, prepping, canning -- everything takes way longer with a baby in the house! I'm stoked that we managed to get so much done (I just won't tell you how many weekend days we had to devote to the task!) 

30lbs blueberries in freezer
bunches and bunches of fresh basil, pureed with olive oil, frozen in ice cubes
17 quarts canned roma tomatoes (from 27 lbs)
21 pints canned peaches (and one warm peach crisp from 17.5lbs) 
plum-apricot jam
blueberry-strawberry-raspberry freezer jam
9 pints spiced, chunky applesauce 

I want just one more day of canning this year  -- for plain pear-sauce and applesauce for the babe -- and then I can put away the supplies for the year. 

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Clay Hilman said...

for the record... it's your birthday on nov 4