stepping back

I can't believe this blog has been around since 2005. I started because I wanted a record of the things I was making and giving away as gifts, and of the food I might want to make again.  I came to really enjoy sharing that personal thrill of creating something. And when you fine folks let me know you liked it or found it useful, well, that felt great too.

But somewhere between having kids and just plain time going by, my online notebook isn't as much of a priority. In the long periods between posts I get a little self-consious about what to say and for the first time, I'm finding my heart's not in it. So I'm giving in, rollin' with it, and officially signing off.

Many many thanks for stopping by, friends. I really appreciate it. It's been grand.


*Like our new wall art? Painted birch rings by earthartbywendy over at etsy. I love staring at them until I can't possibly decide which I love best.

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Clay Hilman said...

Yeah, you and the pope.

Love you. I'll miss checking in on your little world. I'm going to have some new posts on mine today though, so come visit!