pretty in pink scarf

I just finished the first scarf of knitting season! I already threw out the label, but I think the yarn is Cathay, a cotton/silk blend by Debbie Bliss. The stitch is an elongated stitch (video link). For this scarf, I cast on 22 stitches, used 4 loops around the needle for the elongated stitch, and garter stitched 5 rows in between rows of elongated stitches. The scarf grows lopsided if you don't do an uneven number of garter stitched rows. It's not the warmest scarf I own, but they can't all be warm fuzzies. :)

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Glenda said...

Welcome to the blog world Miss Tiffany!

now you can start putting us to shame with all your craftiness and cookery! Should we be calling you Ms. Stewart, or Ms. Childs?

- glenda