nifty magnets, take two

Remember my marble magnets? Well I've been at it again. This time, they are for a stocking stuffer for my dad, so I made them from picts of his kids and grandkiddies. ...I think they're all (and we're all) turning out to be pretty cute.

A word of warning though -- It took me several attempts to get the heads scaled down to be small enough for a little magnet -- a learning curve that turns out to be sort of spendy on a colour copier!

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Glenda said...

what?! no palmiers? I'm posing about them on my blog, so you'd better get that recipe up soon! :)

love the little Hilmans - but are you sure you're not ruining the surprise by posting them here? Seeing these is making me want to hurry up and make mine from the 'boughten' supplies that have been sitting here since September!