big sis & little bro bunnies

Not much knitting and crafting going on around here these days. I guess I needed a bit of a break after all the holiday gift deadlines. But I was happily spurred into action this week when my friend had her second baby, a little brother for Caroline. And I thought, what better for new babies than soft bunnies!

I used the same heartstrings pattern as I did for my happy-hip bunny (and the same green fluffy chenille too) to make these cuddly siblings...

I love this pattern because you just knit up any size square to make your bunny. I made a 6.5" and a 9.5" square.

Following the pattern is a lot of this -- marking two points on your square and sewing them together to form a triangle (in this case, a leg).

Here is little brother bunny (without his ears, tail, or clothing)

Now both are made and equipped with ears and tails...just waiting for some identifying accessories.

Ahh, the final touches -- big sister in pink and little brother in blue. I fight the pink and blue stereo-types, but sometimes the conventional is pretty cute.

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