eggs and toy soldiers

I learned a lot while I was travelling in NZ -- how to kayak, who Abel Tasman was, what a chilly bin is, etc. One of the lessons I have not forgotten was from a couple of English gals -- how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg and how to make toy soldiers out of a piece of bread (I guess that makes two lessons). For xmas, Jeff got me some FUN egg cups and so we've been enjoying our eggs and toy soldiers with extravagance.

the perfect soft-boiled egg & toy soldiers

In a small saucepan, bring water to boil. Once it reaches a rolling boil, use a spoon to carefully place egg(s) into water. Boil, uncovered for 90 seconds. Immediately cover pan with lid and take off heat. Allow to rest for 4 minutes. Remove eggs from pan (if you want, run them under to cool water to make them easier to handle).

In the meantime, toast bread. Butter. Cut into thin slices. Toy soldiers are ready and waiting! Hack off the top of the egg and sprinkle a little salt into the yolky goodness. Dunk your toy soldiers and enjoy...

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