blurbing my wedding album

Have you heard of blurb yet? I first heard of them through Amanda (a.k.a. Soule Mama) -- she backed up her blog in book form for her kids. I decided it would be a great option for finally doing something with all the pictures from my wedding (circa 2005).
I swear I don't work for blurb, but I am a pleased customer and happy to do a little word-of-mouth advertising for their online publishing prowess.

The process is pretty simple: you download their software, then take as much time as you want to input pictures, change colours, fiddle with fonts and formats, etc. When you're ready, upload the finished book back to blurb and they'll print it and send it to you within a week or so. Ta-da! And since you have quite a bit of control over the layouts, it makes for a great fun project and a few late nights.

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