another blanket from the stash

When I was first in Italy (back in 2000), I bought 10 skeins (ten skeins!) of this really soft angora/wool/acrylic yarn with no particular project in mind. I'm not sure what my inspiration was for buying 5 skeins each of two pastel colours, and needless to say the yarn has sat idle in my stash box ever since. I have also managed to amass quantities of silken turquoise and pink bouclé cotton. What to finally do with it all? Why, another baby blanket, of course!
The details: I am double-knitting the coloured strands with a white strand (it's knitting up much faster this way). The whites are a merino superwash and a wool/mohair blend -- using one or the other depends on the thickness of the coloured strand. I'm knitting it up in plain ol' stockinette stitched squares, each one measuring 15cm-square. I'll sew it up in a diagonal pattern -- as opposed to my last randomly arranged striped blanket (which, by the way, is all knit but has yet to be blocked and sewn -- new projects are more fun than finishing old ones).

One thing about this blanket is -- with all its fibres -- it will definitely be a cold wash/dry flat only kind of blankie. That seems like a lot to request of any new mom. I suppose a good gifter would include a coupon for "care for a year." We'll see if I'm good or if I'm lazy.


kat said...

New projects are always more fun, just ask my stash of WIPs. The colors you have are lovely for baby blankets. I've sort of given up on trying to find all washable yarns for baby presents, the natural fibers are usually so much nicer feeling, my nephew got a cashmerino set when he was born!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kat! Your blanket will be a treasure any new mom would be proud to show off - along with her new baby, of course! Thank you for your photos of that beautiful yarn. B

Tippy said...

Awe, thank you for the kind words, Kat and Beth!

I'm glad that you agree that washable yarns (while admittedly practical) aren't always the softest choice for snuggly baby projects. I hope the new mom feels the same way you do. =)