bustin'-my-stash baby blanket

A while back I was digging through my stash and realized I had a lot of red, black, and white yarns. I got the idea from this lovely project, to use some of it up by making a baby blanket.

So far, I've used three shades of navy merino wool, white and black superwash wools, and the red merino extra fine wool -- knitting it all up on the same 4 1/2 mm needles. The red is most unlike the others -- it knits up with more volume which may cause some trouble when I go to sew the strips together. To get the black and white variegated squares, I knit together the white superwash with a black mohair.

I'm using a basket weave stitch throughout -- giving these randomly arranged colours a more coherent, integrated look. I'm getting kind of excited about the finished product, but there's still lots to do -- finish the fourth strip, knit up the fifth (which will attach on the left side), block the strips, sew them together, and back it with a soft navy flannel. I'll keep you posted...

You know how babies are more stimulated by high contrast colours (such as, ahem, black, white, and red) -- yeah, Oops! The babe in this blanket will never get any sleep!

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