road trip countdown

My brother and his family are going for a lovely drive over the river and through the woods to our house. Last time Jeff and I made the trek we took some notes about when we were at what landmark, so we could pass along the info. Hopefully this little accordion book will help them count down the hours and get here quick!
First things first -- I had to make a little pickup truck!

the first couple pages

a few pages from the middle of the first side

and a few pages from the back side

We got excited about another idea for kids a bit older than my niece and nephew -- a customized i-spy game! We'd take pictures of landmarks or billboards from a trip (the ones visible from the road), put them in a book, and give it to a family that's about to take the same trip. I, for one, would love trying to spy everything.

But maybe I'd like it 'cause I'm part of the generation that had to make do with "car games." Those newfangled portable video games and movies would probably outshine a homemade i-spy game. sigh. I guess I'll just have to make one for kids a lot older than my niece and nephew.

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kat said...

the i spy game is a great idea! i wish my nephews were driving from minnesota to california, it would be so much fun to make.