finding order in a world of recipes

A few years ago I subscribed to Gourmet and Martha Stewart Living. When my year was almost up I was getting overwhelmed with my growing pile of slippery magazines, and annoyed that I couldn't ever find that recipe (or good idea) that I'd wanted to try.

So, I started cutting up the magazines for all the recipes, quotes, and articles that I wanted to keep. I sorted them into type of recipe or whatever, then pasted 'em down and put the pages in page protectors for easy clean up (and to keep all the pasted edges from peeling away.)

The system has worked well for me and I've cut 'n paste every magazine I've bought since. These binders are definitely my go-to cookbook for dinner ideas. Besides the recipes, I now have an entire binder for miscellaneous stuff -- including gift ideas, holiday decorations, and how-tos on everything from removing stains to DIY hardware.

This isn't exactly a new or unique idea, or even a craft, but since I spend a lot of relaxing time clipping and gluing, I wanted to share. Maybe someone out there is getting fed up with their stack of unruly magazines...

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