a stocking a day...

I think I made it clear last year how much I adore advent calendars. And I love that there are so many creative ways to count down the days -- with jokes, walnuts, matchbooks, or my new favourite, these Danish elves. They are so stinkin' cute!

The mini stocking calendar I made this year was much simpler to make than last year's model, because well, I didn't really make it -- I just kind of put the parts together.

The stockings are gift card holders, which I hoarded during the post-holiday sales last year. I attached them together with a knitted i-cord, and dated them by stamping little metal-rimmed tags.

Although I'm experiencing an odd little guilt for cheating on a handmade gift, I don't think my cousin's kids will notice that their daily sugar fix is coming from a store-bought stocking. :)

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Ada said...

So stinkin' cute. I love it!