christmas calendar on a string

It's advent calendar season!

Remember my very first sock? It was the first of MANY -- twenty-four, to be exact. Now that the gift has been sent, opened, and hung with care, I can share...

In my family, the advent calendar was a source of daily sibling spats. We had a paper calendar with little doors that obscured details of a Christmas scene. And, even though there wasn't any candy included, we still tussled over whose turn it was to open the door. I hope that my niece and nephew continue the tradition for many years to come -- ahh, warm holiday memories of brother-sister bickering.

As for the project's nitty gritty details...I used the same basic pattern for all the socks. And for their calendar-ish-ness, I used silver numbered brads from Adornit.

A simple i-cord worked well to rope the socks together (I recommend adding loops periodically for easy hanging.) And last but not least, once it was all assembled, I stuffed each sock with fun treats -- a dirty job, but someone had to do it. :)

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