The world of copyrights, trademarks, and licenses is a real can of worms -- especially for the arts and crafts world. I stumbled upon this discussion (via Be*mused.) It's one of the funnier takes on the subject -- one in which Really Rude People are the losers.

Even though it's a minefield to even mention the topic, I kind of want to put in my two cents. We'll see if I regret it...

I realize that many people have legitimate reasons to protect their creative and unique work, but I wish we could all try to remember that not everything, not every idea, needs to be owned. Some things should be left in the communal realm.

I think many people fail to remember that folks have been using fibre, fabric, and thread for long, long time. There may be some new takes on old techniques, but we need to be realistic about what is "original." No one ever creates in a vacuum.

It is a fine line (and gray at the best of times) to know when and how to take ownership of your creativity and handiwork. But for all the folks with the urge to stamp their handmade wares with an "all rights reserved," I with they'd recognize and respect the history of handcrafts. We inspire each other -- that's allowed.

Of course certain things aren't allowed. That's where those Really Rude People come in.

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