cheater's summer quilt

I admit it. I cheated.

I bought pre-laundered, pre-ironed, and pre-cut fabric. And I'm not sorry.

When I saw these feedsack reproduction quilt squares in SewNimble's shop (on Etsy), I thought, "sweeeeet!" And when I got them in the mail, I was like, "wahooooo!" I was free to start on the fun part of quilt-making: playing with new colours and patterns.

As you can see, I ended up sewing the squares up into larger squares of four, then adding some white. I randomly used some embroidered white-on-white fabric for a bit of texture. It's so summery, I love it.

The top is now all sewn together, but I haven't bothered to quilt it yet. I just added it to my growing stack of quilt tops, and started on a new one. Oh well. I can think of worse things than a stack of unfinished quilts.

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kat said...

oh how fabulous is that, i would totally cheat too.