fish tacos

I'm feeling a little done with sweets at the moment. I think I'll put my chocolate and cookie recipes aside for a moment and share some real food...

Most nights we end up making soup or pasta, comfort foods that totally go with the weather right now (still snow!)

But the other night, we escaped our chilly reality to enjoy fish tacos and drink beer with lime.

I sauteed up a couple of BC halibut cheeks, chopped up iceberg lettuce and cilantro, sliced radishes, and made a 'white sauce' of equal parts sour cream and plain yogurt with a squirt of lime. On a warm corn tortilla, it all tastes lovely. No dessert required.


Anonymous said...

I always think of cabbage on good fish tacos.


Tippy said...

Funny you should say that because me and my husband had a bit of a 'discussion' about which goes better in fish tacos -- I was arguing for cabbage and he was going for lettuce. I ended up going with iceberg ('cause I figured it we would use it up quicker than 3/4 head of cabbage) but I totally agree with you -- cabbage gives it that bitter bite.