a quilt for rachel...finally

My cousin Rachel is funny and kind and all, but she is very very patient. This is her birthday quilt... and she's a Taurus. That means she's been waiting since May for her birthday present. Merry Christmas!

This is only my second large quilt that I've ever completed so the road was long and bumpy. But I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

The binding was kind of slick -- it was the first time I did one, so I tried a continuous bias binding. These directions were very helpful. But a hint: be careful which way your seam faces when you sew the triangle to the other side to make a parallelogram, in step 2, otherwise you create more hours of work for yourself after sewing step 9 (I ended up with no 'right' side to my binding and had to resew half my seams!) Still, a pretty clever method for creating a double-fold bias binding.

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