denim and green tote

My first tote bag with a lining!

I wish I would've thought of including an interior pocket on that lining though... Why is it that not all good ideas strike at once??


Glenda said...

Sew some buttons or snaps on the inside, then make a pocket that buttons or snaps into it. Then you can do the same in any other bags you make, and the pockets can be swapped around from one bag to the next! :)

Or you could make a pocket on a strap that snaps closed into a loop, and then just hang the string around one of the handles, so its in your bag, but easy to pull out and get at when you need it.

Hmmm... I really need a sewing machine already! :)

Glenda said...

Tag! your turn to do the meme! :)
details are on my blog.

Ada said...

So cute! Watch out...once you make one, they are addicting. You may find yourself surrounded by them! More! More! The possibilities are endless!