goodbye london

This is where a map of London used to hang.

I have been sharing a room with London since about 2001, when Glenda and I framed up a map I bought while we were traipsing through... you guessed it, London.

London saw the walls of Glenda's and my little place in Vancouver, my place in Portland, Jeff's and my place in Toronto, and again, these walls in Vancouver. It was time to put London down.

The Ikea frame lives on (barely.) I just stretched a piece of fabric across the scuffed plexiglas (marred from the second to last of its moves across continent) and taped it to the other side with scotch tape.

I'm not expecting the tape to hold forever, but I think by that time I may be ready to come out of this fine forest.


Anonymous said...

A fine forest it is.

Ada said...

Mahvelous Dahling, simply mahvelous!

Glenda said...

Oh London, I knew it well... and still do apparently, having just spent 4 hours there - sitting in the airport counts as being there, right? :)

What will you do with London now? And might I suggest a glue gun - or heck, even just plain white Elmer's glue! - as a more effective alternative to the scotch tape? If you use the white glue, it would even wash out if the forest suddenly wanted to become a quilt some time in the future. :)

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you guys like the forest! The fabric was from Reprodepot.com

Glenda, I hope you aren't disappointed but I actually retired London. And by 'retired' I mean recycled.

But we'll always have Paris!
er... London!