urban planning

I'm building a new city. My city has gardeners, houses, birds, cars, and rainclouds. And soon, it will have a truck, a frog, and a picket fence.

My inspiration was a little quilt square that Two Straight Lines made a while ago. So creative and cool was her block, I wanted to create a whole city.

There are 12 blocks to the quilt -- 8 are made up of 4 smaller blocks, and 4 are big 'parks.' I'm still stitching away at the details, but I'm loving it so far!

As for finishing, I'm kind of leaning towards doing ties that open to the back of the quilt -- rather than machine quilting -- to keep this city from getting too busy. What do you think?

a bird's eye view

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Ada said...

This is so cool! Nice work.