city quilt, built

I love this quilt. I worked on it a while ago and then let it drop to the bottom of the stack of WIPs. But now it's finished -- and it's one of my favourites. Mostly because of that cute frog.

It was pretty quick to finish once I had the top done and embroidered. I did the ol' right sides together trick with batting on top, turned it inside out and then top-stitched. Simple.

I used a polyester batting so I could get the high loft I wanted and I could space the zitzits 6-7 inches apart. Not sure what to call them because instead of tying, I used the zig zag stitch on the shortest length and widest width (same way I made that turtle blanket.) Makes for a neat baby-safe connection. If you ever need a quick baby gift, I highly recommend the method.

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