reusable bags

Since I made those kitchen towels, I've been re-examining all of my disposable habits in the kitchen. I was feeling guilty over the plastic bags by the sink. I mean, even though we wash and reuse plastic bags around here, they eventually and inevitably get thrown into the landfill.

But now we have muslin produce bags and snack bags to use instead.

produce bags: A simple bag. Nothing fancy. The seams are a mess. But who's looking? Major bonus: I no longer have to fight to open (the wrong side of) those darn thin plastic bags with my hands full of apples.

snack baggies: Again, nothing too terribly fancy, but they have a nifty flap. I used angry chicken's funny video tutorial.

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Ada said...

These bags are a great fix to the ever present produce problem. Good call! Do you have a bag that you keep your bags in as well? =)