green birthday dress

It's time to party. The babe is turning one next week -- and I finished her birthday dress!

As I mentioned before, it's been a bit of a slow slog of stockinette for this one. It was my first larger-than-a-sock-size project with skinny sock yarn. Beautiful results, but no doubt about it, a labour of love.

So I'm glad she'll get more than one season's use of out of it -- this year a dress, next year a sweater, and possibly a third year of a skin-tight tank top. And perhaps I'll make her drag it to school with her too.

The pattern -- the little sister's dress (free on ravelry) -- is super easy and kind of star-trekkish to me. The Zarina yarn is a super soft, rich, vibrant merino.

I love, love the result. Hopefully she does too since she'll be wearing it for a while.

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Ada said...

This last picture tells it all. She is going to look so cute in that lovely dress. My dear, you do good work. What a lucky little babe to have you for her mama.