on the go

There isn't near enough knitting on this blog lately.

For this space to be representative of what I spend my free moments doing, there needs to be more wool and yarn and needles, because let me tell you, I've been knitting.

There's a plum pullover that'll be the first sweater I've ever made for myself,

there's a darling little green dress that's taking forever (skinny sock yarn!) but hopefully the babe will fit it by Christmas,

and I've managed to finish a couple of toques. One fits, one didn't.

That's not all, but the rest are either gifts or I haven't taken photos of them yet. All in good time. But at least now you know where I am -- on the couch, knitting.

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Ada said...

You will forever be on the end of my Knitting-911 calls. Lovely dahling. What a relaxing way to wile away the hours.