mocha pot de creme

We have some friends who, whenever they are over, one of them asks, "Is there dessert?" as we are sitting down to the meal. And while the other one, the wife, rolls her eyes and laughs off her husband's faux-pas, I always wonder if he doesn't have a good point. Would it be good policy to let our guests know what's for dessert so they know how much room to leave for the sweet ending?

Not sure why these are called 'mocha' pot de cremes because there isn't a shot of coffee or espresso in them. They're more like chocolate custards. But I didn't name them, Martha Stewart did, so we still call them mocha pot de cremes.

And just so you have all the facts, one requires hardly any room at all. Enjoy seconds and dessert.

mocha pot de creme
serves 4

1/4 C dutch-process cocoa powder
1/2 C + 1 Tbs skim milk
1/4 C low-fat evaporated milk
1 large egg
1 egg white
3/4 C white sugar
pinch of salt
confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line shallow baking pan with cloth towel and set aside.

Place cocoa powder in medium mixing bowl. In another bowl, mix milks. Slowly whisk 3 tablespoons of the milk mixture into the cocoa and whisk for a thick paste. Whisk in remaining; set aside.

In large bowl, combine egg, egg white, sugar, and salt. Whisk until combined. Whisk in cocoa-milk mixture. Divide among 4 4-oz ramekins. Place in towel-lned pan and pour hot water into pan, until water is half-way up the sides of the ramekins. Transfer carefully to oven. Bake until puddings are set with slightly jiggled, about 50 minutes. Remove from water and transfer to wire rack. Let cool 20-30 minutes. Dust with confectioners sugar and serve warm. Excellent with mint tea.


Glenda said...

Hmmm, I wonder if I can guess who those guests are? ;)

Those custards look yummy - I should give you my recipe for real coffee ones, and you can have a taste test. Maybe Martha's version manage to capture some of the chocolate-coffee flavour even without the espresso powder?

Tiffany said...

Oh, does Mike ask that too? Ha. You guys weren't actually the friends I was thinking of, but all the more reason to tell everyone what's for dessert!

I'd be more than happy to try your real coffee ones. =)

Ada said...

The great thing is, all of these ingredients are easily on hand, making it a quick, probably option for an impromptu dessert.