projects for the new year

Check out this fantastic list of tutorials -- a roundup from 2010. So many of these projects are ones that I'd love to make. But first... I need to get organized!

I mean, I've got patterns printed and waiting in my WIP box, a ton of ideas bookmarked on the computer, pdfs saved to the desktop, inspiration jotted down on our fridge's whiteboard, my queue in ravelry... it's hard to keep it all straight, really. I need a master list somewhere.

What's your system? Is it paper or digital?


sleepzzz said...

My system is a little book called, "Field Notes," in Futura font.

Ada said...
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Ada said...

After looking at all of those ideas, I'm dying to know which ones are on your list for this year.

Oh, and my system tends to stay in my head until I can't hold any more ideas and then they pour out in misc. directions including my journal, or the week's to do list.