a year at our table

Happy New Year!

After Christmas last year, I began compiling recipes and ideas and pictures and came up with the one gift we would give everyone on our list this year: a cookbook of our family's favourite recipes.

It was a project I enjoyed working on all year long. The book ended up with five recipes for each season, lots of pictures of food, and some pics of our kid too.

Thanks to Blurb, it was relatively simple to design what I wanted and the quality of the final book is great. But no thanks to Blurb, the pictures printed a tad dark and I ran into a few bugs in their formatting software. Such is life. I'd still use them again and recommend 'em to anyone looking to do a similar project.


Anonymous said...

Can your blog-reading audience buy copies?

Tiffany said...

Aw shucks, I'm flattered you'd be interested in a copy, but sorry, this was a limited print run.

(Besides, all the recipes are on the blog -- wouldn't want you to waste your cash!)

meg said...

I'm totally stealing this idea!