luxurious wrist warmers

My in-laws went to Peru last summer and brought me some absolutely beautiful baby alpaca. (Their tour guide cautioned them against buying 'maybe alpaca', and I'm grateful!) I have one cream, one brown, and two blue skeins of what's probably the world's softest yarn.

I wanted to make myself some cream wrist warmers. Unfortunately, one skein kept coming up short. Despite frogging the first wrist warmer twice in order to make it shorter, I have ended up with almost two cream wrist warmers.

But after already ripping out this pattern twice, I'm ready to move on to something else. And I've found that if I squint, the brown practically fades into any (brown) outdoor background.

So, any suggestions for two blue skeins and (a little less than) one brown skein? I'm thinking maybe this cowl. (on ravelry here)

** Almost forgot to mention that the wrist warmer pattern is a freebie on ravelry. Find it here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, these are beautiful. I'm going to bookmark them on ravelry in case i get back to knitting anytime soon.

--supa (mary beth)