backgammon for boardgamers

Hope ya'll had a great holiday! Now that the presents have been opened, I can show you what we gave my brother and his wifey...

I knit them a backgammon board. I think it's pretty cool that the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Romans, and Iranians all played a game similar to the modern backgammon. Like Go and Mancala, it's a simple game with enough strategy to keep you playing.

And it's a short enough game that you can afford to challenge "best two outta three!" if you happen to lose the first round. :)

the details --
* pattern in Weekend Knitting - uses intarsia
* yarn is Cotton-Ease, an aran weight cotton/acrylic blend
* container holding the pieces is a spice tin I covered with yarn


Ada said...

You forgot to mention how well it transports, as it can roll/fold up to little or nothing. We LOVE it!

kat said...

Oh my friend did one for her son, they turn our super cute