I spent this last weekend almost entirely inside, and I can't even blame the weather. Both Jeff and I ventured out into the world once, on Saturday night, for a long walk. Although perhaps a bit more exercise is necessary to remain happy and healthy, every once in a while a couple of cozy days don't hurt.

However, I was not a complete sloth. I made things. And since I can't show any holiday-related wares just yet, I'll round up a few little sewing projects destined to stay right here at home. Inside, all the time.

1) This is, as my dad would say, no silk purse. It is, in fact, a laundry bag.

I tried to wing it, to make a simple drawstring bag out of an old corduroy curtain without any instructions. Well, let's pretend that all seams are straight (oops!) and that I didn't not think through how the drawstring would go all the way around the top (Um, yeah).

But after a bit of fixing, I have a snazzy red bag to cart our dirties down to the washers. (And it'll make a great Santa Bag for packing presents over to the in-laws.)

2) I swear our apartment building is responsible for wasting a ton of energy -- the balcony doors are all still original to the 1960s and any insulating material has long-since worn off. Since I can't seal our balcony door shut with caulking, I made a draft snake.

The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. It's kind of cute... for a snake.

3) And lastly, a runner to cover up our hideous metal filing cabinet disguised as an end table. It definitely needed some beautification action. Enter: plain little runner made of old duvet.

An improvement, no?

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Clay said...

What a fun way to spend your winter days.