sweet apron

This apron will soon be mailed off to snowy Iowa. Isn't it cute?! I hope my friend wears it while making herself sweet birthday cupcakes.

The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. It was really simple until I got to the part about sewing on the potholder pocket -- ugh! The advice of notching the fabric to turn under a rounded edge just doesn't work well on the crook of a thumb.

I made a second apron as an xmas present and found that rather than follow the directions, it was simpler to make the pocket first (sewing rights sides together with a piece of linen, then turning it right-side out) and then top-stitch the pocket onto the apron. (Such was the advice of a crafty bird -- thanks little bird!)


Glenda said...

Fun apron! where'd you get the pocket fabric?

you need this little beastie to help you out with your curves: http://reprodepot.stores.yahoo.net/pkcrv461.html

Clover makes all the best sewing and knitting notions! :)

Tiffany said...

The pocket fabric was from the sale bin at Superbuzzy.com. :)

Does that corner thingy help when you go the other way -- not a curve, but a crook??